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Our Holistic Understanding:
Economic viability and ecological sustainability are inextricably linked, both can only be seen long-term. The two spheres, ecology and economy have systemic dependencies for humans, i.e. adding to and influencing each others web. Improving people's quality of life and ecosystem wellbeing can only harmonize if there is a balanced flow of resources in this global system where not more is consumed than naturally recharged.  Threats to the sustainability of a system require urgent attention if its environmental rate of change begins to approach the speed with which the system can just adequately respond. When this rate of change exceeds the ability to respond, the system loses its sustainability and its viability and will eventually seize to exist. 

Our Vision:
Namibians have internalized the uniqueness and frailness of their environment and resources. The country will develop and prosper in balance with ecological sustainability and economic viability.  eco-systemix Namibia is a key service provider for maintenance management and eco-system wellbeing.

Our Mission:
We bring maintenance management on to the ground. We do infrastructure maintenance, viable management system planning/installation and maintenance, water conservation, waste recycling and sanitation management on-site and through research, education and training to improve the quality of life of all Namibians. Our core focus is resource use efficiency and connected resource use effectiveness, quality assurance.

Who We Are:
eco-systemix was founded in 1992 as a consultancy (registered in Namibia in 2008) by Walter F. Holch. He is a Europe qualified civil engineer specialized in construction management&construction systems engineering. Walter is the director and brings along extensive experience in construction quality management, environmental policy analysis and testing, simulation tool design and human capital management ().    

Dr. Edward W. Holch (1953-2008) was a long term project partner residing in the UK and a Europe qualified biologist and biochemist and medical doctor. He brought in a wealth of expertise as general practitioner, biologist and eco-toxicologist.  

The eδ- spectrum of human resources includes local high rank scientists and engineers, competent artisans and trainers and well trained field support personnel.  

With Whom We Are Associated:
We are a member of the Windhoek Consulting Group. We are a founding member of kmp-i (knowledge management partners-international) an association of university lecturers, researchers and industry practitioners from Europe and Southern Africa. 
We are supporting partners to the SADC WaterNet, Habitat Research and Development Centre in Namibia, Desert Research Foundation of Namibia, EduVentures, Polytechnic of Namibia and Gobabeb Training&Research Centre.  
We intensively collaborate with local and international industry and engineering firms, with Government departments, rural and urban communities, donor agencies and interested individuals.   


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