eδ-integrated building and construction systems

Selected Site Planning Techniques

  • Complete site resource mapping [3D] and minimal site clearing

  • Conservation/restoration of native plant species at site (adapted species)

  • Recycling of demolition-related materials

  • Mature tree preservation and integration in landscaping

  • Strategic re-use/multi purpose use of existing site infrastructure

  • Site-sourced fill, stone, and lumber

  • Community-based micro-agriculture initiatives {permaculture and related}

Selected Planning and Management Envelope Technologies

  • Integrated-building planning (ECOL, ECON, SOC, TECH, IND) for testing ecological sustainability and economic viability
  • Designed-for-deconstruction (DFD) building systems (multi use, recycling)
  • Design/Construction quality monitoring and cybernetic site management

Selected High Performance Mechanical Systems

  • Photovoltaic power source (UPS) technologies
  • Thermal solar technologies (passive/active heating, cooling, ventilation, cooking, solar water heating)
  • Centralized displacement ventilation (cool air flows into building from inner walls)
  • Passive solar high thermal mass floors and roofs
  • Zero electricity ventilation (roof as solar driven ‘air condition’ and evaporation cooling for air dust filtration, convection ventilation in the building, cool air pools)

Selected High Performance Alternative Technologies

  • Site-sourced native stone exterior walls
  • Site-sourced, locally milled lumber
  • High-efficiency, heat storage wood-fueled fireplace and bake oven
  • Daylighting (sky lights, heliostats)
  • Operable windows to shade terraces, planting in front of windows
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Compost toilet systems (dry sanitation, on-site nutrient recycling, aerobic, thermophilic)
  • Greywater recycling (settling/anaerobic/aerobic/polishing treatment)


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