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Our Understanding:
Every product, process or service represents an array of resources -natural, financial, human, information, time- and has to serve at least one specific function. Resources become increasingly scarce and less affordable. Humankind can not afford to waste resources without loosing its system sustainability. Maintenance management is an integrated adaptation process to secure a product's, process's or service's function beyond its initial wear&tear and to conserve it for extended output.  Just like nature when it heals the wounds of living beings or alters the shape of a tree when exposed to constant wind, does maintenance management either adapt a system's behaviour or adapts a system's structure to cope with an ever changing environment. The biggest resource saving potential on any product, process or service is found in sound maintenance management.

Typical Maintenance Approaches And Tasks We Perform:

Preventive Maintenance, researching for weak points&links in a system and between systems, maintaining infrastructure/processes/services by providing for systematic inspection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects.
Maintenance coordination at early stage of wear&tear or environment change.
Adaptive Maintenance, adapting technologies/processes/products/services to changing environments through either adapting the system structure or adapting the system behaviour.
Reliability Centered Maintenance, creating a cost-effective maintenance strategy to address dominant causes of infrastructure/process/service failure. It is a systematic approach to defining a routine program composed of cost-effective tasks that preserve vital functions.

(refer to the maintenance management profile)

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