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eco-systemix Namibia offers the full spectrum of maintenance management from consulting to focused hands-on training. We collaborate with local industry, Government departments, rural and urban communities, engineering firms, competent artisans and skilled field support personnel to boost local capacity and productivity. 

It is our expressed policy to share knowledge and skills through education and on-the-job training to build local competence and sustainable capacity. 

Trained staff will be issued a Certificate of Competence with a currency depending on technologies, the nature of training and maintenance management. We believe that this is the only way forward to improving the quality of life of Namibians in particular and social&economic wellbeing in Namibia in general.

Our maintenance service profile in an overview (follow the link to some selected reference projects)

Our services
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Consulting Education Training
Preventive Maintenance

Outcome= weak links and correction of incipient defects

providing for systematic inspection of infrastructure/ processes/services  and researching for weak points&links in a system and between systems  carrying preventive maintenance philosophy into schools for educating kids and staff in simple diagnosis of infrastructure and processes failure  hands-on training of company staff for systematic inspection of infrastructure/ processes/services to create in-house capacity and service orientation 
Adaptive Maintenance

Outcome= adaptation to achieve ecological sustainability and economic viability

adapting technologies, processes, products, services to changing environments through either adapting the system structure or adapting the system behaviour to achieve ecological sustainability and economic viability educating school kids and staff to collectively and individually understand the horizons: system influence, attention and responsibility with regards to ecological sustainability and environment maintenance hands-on training of company staff for adapting system structure or adapting system behaviour to achieve ecological sustainability and economic viability 
Reliability Centered Maintenance

Outcome= cost effective routine program with sustainability orientation

creating a cost-effective maintenance strategy to address dominant causes of infrastructure, process, service failure, defining a routine program composed of cost-effective tasks that preserve vital system functions.   hands-on training of company staff for creating cost-effective maintenance strategies and maintenance routine programs
Wear&Tear Maintenance Repairs

Outcome= correction of failures

Determining defect correction, adaptation or replacement needs
  hands-on training of company staff for repairs at early stage of wear&tear  or environment change 


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